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Sending an image in with incorrect information can delay the completion of the print request.

Printed PU or PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl. These will require you to weed around the design, and use transfer tape to lift the design off the liner and apply to the garment before heat-pressing.

If the design will be one solid piece, you may request printing on PVC vinyl which you can peel and place by hand without the use of transfer tape.


$49 dollar minimum order on custom print requests. NOTE: This covers one image. Multiple images may include additional setup fees. Quote times can be 48 to 72 hours from submittal time. Production time is typically 2 – 3 business days from submittal of payment. Orders paid on Friday will not be printed until Monday.

FILES: We recommend sending either 300 dpi, properly sized, transparent background png/psd files OR vector EPS/AI files. We do also accept FS, PDF, JPG, and non-transparent background PNG files, however this could delay quote time as additional work may have to be done on the artwork to determine the quote.

SIZE: We will need the size you want the print to be in inches. If the dimensions you request do not match the scale of the artwork, we may ask to confirm if the scaled size is appropriate. If the file is properly sized, you may state that in the quote or email, however if you’re unsure if the file will be sized right it can’t hurt to confirm. We do not offer size suggestions, please be sure to measure out the area you want your custom print to take up.

QUANTITY: We will need to know how many you want printed. If you want different quantities for different sizes, please be sure to fully detail that when submitting the print job.

CUSTOMER INFORMATION: Customer contact email, phone number and billing/shipping address is required.

TYPE OF MATERIAL: Please be sure to specify what type of material you want your print on from the above list of available materials.

DELIVERY OPTIONS: Your order can be delivered for a small fee, or shipped via US Mail or UPS. Some orders will incur an additional shipping charge depending on the method.

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